We meet each Sunday from 4pm at

Wesley House, 61 Stockwell Head, Hinckley, LE10 1RD

At the heart of TCC is our conviction that the God who is Father, Son and Spirit has made himself known in Jesus Christ. We meet together on Sundays to know this God better—to worship him, pray to him, sing of him, and read his word together. Our purpose in doing this together is so that we can encourage one another in the faith, build each other up, and send each other out into another week to love and serve the Lord. At TCC, we love people to get fully involved and join us in our work of knowing God, loving God’s people and bringing his love to those who don’t yet know him.

We recognise that, when it comes to God, we are all starting from different places. If you want to ask questions about who God is, what he’s like, and what it means to know him, TCC is a place where you will find the space to work on that in your own time. In fact, if you’ve got questions about God, we think church is the best place you could be to work them out. We hope that you will be able to join us!

We have lots of young families at TCC, but we enjoy people of all ages with us. A small army of highly committed children and youth leaders run programmes for those who are Pre-School (TCC Tots), Primary School (TCC Kids) and High School (Connect).

Meeting during the pandemic

Legal COVID restrictions have now been removed in England. However, it is still our responsibility to keep our meetings safe. The following guidelines currently apply to our services at Wesley House.

HAND SANITISING - Please wash or sanitise your hands as you enter.

SOCIAL DISTANCING - There are no longer legal requirements for social distancing. Social distancing is now a matter of personal choice. To allow everyone to feel safe no matter our choice, we are dividing Wesley House in to 2 spaces on Sundays. Upstairs - social distancing is not compulsory, but is encouraged. Downstairs - social distancing is compulsory and the service will be displayed on screen. Please sit in the area where you feel safe. 

FACE COVERINGS - Face coverings are no longer required by law and are now a matter of personal choice. However, the Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas. In Wesley House, please wear a mask when moving around the building. Once in your seats, you can choose to wear one or not.

SINGING - There are no limits on the number of people who can sing or perform. In order to be safe as we do so, some guidelines recommend keeping singing to low volumes.

ONE-WAY SYSTEM - Please observe the one-way system. 

SHARED ITEMS - Shared items such as Bibles are not currently available - please bring your own. 

REFRESHMENTS - We are not currently serving refreshments before and after the service. We encourage you not to mingle inside but to do so outside. 


'Life Groups' are at the heart of our community life during the week. Life Groups meet in and around Hinckley to encourage one another to live for Christ and to share Christ beyond our church. 

Through the week there are also youth and children's groups and events for the church and community.