We meet every Sunday at 4pm at

Wesley House, Stockwell Head, Hinckley, LE10 1RD

More information on our meetings is here.

meeting during the pandemic

The introduction of Plan B COVID restrictions in England have the following implications for how we operate in Wesley House from December 10th 2021.

HAND SANITISING - Please sanitise or wash or sanitise your hands as you enter.

FACE COVERINGS It is now legally required for face masks to be worn in churches. Exemptions apply to young children (under 11),  those with medical reasons, and for activities for young people up to the age of 18. In addition, those who are speaking from the front of church can take masks off while speaking. There is also a general exemption for those who are singing, including the whole of the congregation, to take off masks while singing if they wish. However, we advise the congregation to keep your face mask on while singing. The latest guidance on face coverings from the government can be found here.

SOCIAL DISTANCING - There are no legal requirements for social distancing.  However, we continue to encourage social distancing where possible.

REFRESHMENTS - Refreshments are being served downstairs after the Sunday service.  Please do not gather at the kitchen to collect or be served refreshments. Instead, drinks will be offered to you in your seats. There is an exemption from face coverings where reasonable to eat and drink. 

SHARED ITEMS - Shared items such as Bibles are not currently available - please bring your own.